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The Soul Scents Story

While 2017 brought Soul Scents into its 25th year and with it New Ownership ... 2018 saw Soul Scents make another move to its new home in Nova Scotia 

The move brought Owner Shannon Burchell and her family back to where her family roots are in Nova Scotia. 

Soul Scents was started in 1992 by Allan and Susan Brown with their first two lines Triloka and Native Scents. Sara Bazett took over in May 2005 and continued to grow the business, eventually opening a retail store to complement what she was already distributing. While she has sold the wholesale business she has continued her retail store now called "That's the Spirit" in the same lovely spot in Almonte. 

Soul Scents will continue to distribute high quality products to stores and small businesses across Canada. Always on the lookout for new and unique products that are well made and full of integrity, we look forward to working with you and sharing our enthusiasm for every product that we sell.

Orders arrive from across Canada by website, phone or e-mail which are then boxed up and shipped out via Courier or Canada Post.

We’ve got a beautiful line of products here, we hope you like what you see.

Shannon & Family