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Singing Bowls & Accessories - Wholesale

Singing Bowls & Accessories - Wholesale

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These hand hammered Singing Bowls are made with 7 different metals; gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, tin & zinc. They are all priced and sold by weight at $100/kg. For ease of ordering they have been broken down into the following sizes and price will be determined upon what is available within that size range. I would suggest picking a size/dollar value that you are interested in and I will specify on the invoice what the specific weight is for you. If you have specific requests feel free to add a note to your order or send me an email.

X-Small  300-499gr  approx. 3.5-4" diameter  Range $30 to 49

Small 500-599gr  approx. 5" diameter  Range $50 to 59

Medium 600-799gr  approx. 6" diameter  Range $60 to 79

Large 800-899gr  approx. 7-7.5" diameter  Range $80 to 89

X-Large 900gr-1.2kg  approx. 8.5-9" diameter  Range $90 to 120

*Sticks are Sold seperately *

Mini Sticks are suitable for the X-small bowls. Small Sticks are suitable for the Small-Medium bowls. Medium Sticks are suitable for the Large+ bowls

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