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Tibetan Incense - Tara & Shambala - Wholesale

Tibetan Incense - Tara & Shambala - Wholesale

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Tibetan Shambala Incense, 30 sticks per box, about 10" long: This incense is handcrafted from a variety of pure and natural ingredients with a sweet, subtle aroma. Traditionally Shambala incense is used for ceremonies, offerings, purification, and meditation. It is said to relieve tension and stress and bring one into a more harmonious state of consciousness. This hand prepared incense is made form medicinal herbs and is prized for its rich aroma.

Tara Healing Tibetan Incense, 19 sticks per box, about 5" long: This original Tara Healing incense has been used by shamans and healers in Nepal and Tibet for hundreds of years. It has been traditionally used to relieve stress, depression, and tension. Tara Healing incense is mixed by hand according to the ancient Tibetan medicine texts and is composed of 31 different pure and natural herbs. Handmade in Nepal.

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